I some how knew that my faith would show me the way

My Journey began as a result of my Father's death when I was nine years of age. As my journey continued into adulthood Challenged in 1994 with Cancer, I some how knew that my Strength in God and my faith would show me the way… My studies into the holistic field of medicine became my life long journey and passion not only for myself but for others in need.

It is my intention as a Holistic Wellness Educator, a Polarity/Cranial Sacral and Raindrop Practitioner to continue my work in the field of holistic medicine, assist others to become empowered and heal...

Many Blessings on your Journey!

Francesca Vitale


Francesca Vitale is a board-certified educator and practitioner in polarity and craniosacral therapy. Accredited by the International Polarity Education Alliance (IPEA) and the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA). She is a graduate of both the Hippocrates and the Upledger Institutes and is a practitioner and teacher of Raindrop therapy, trained by D. Gary Young, N.D.

As a practicing shaman and holistic wellness educator, Francesca also offers spirit medicine as therapy for many underlying conditions. Shamanic healing is gaining interest in the conventional medicine realm.

Polarity Therapy was developed by Randolph Stone, D.D., D.C., N.D. (1890-1981), an Osteopath, Naturopath and Chiropractor who sought to Integrate Eastern and Western approaches to healing into one unified system.

She is a graduate of both the Hippocrates Health Institute where she is a facilitator and lifestyle consultant. Advanced Cranial Sacral studies with the Upledger Institute and is a Practitioner and Teacher of Raindrop Therapy, trained by D. Gary Young, N.D.

Francesca received her Raindrop/Neuro Auricular, Pointer/Vita Flex Technique certification from D. Gary Young, N.D. founder of the Young Living Foundation. She is certified in herbalism, aromatherapy, specializing in Raindrop/ Neuro Auricular, Pointer/Vita Flex Technique.

Her experience on the Young Living farm in St. Maries Idaho, planting, harvesting and distilling with Gary and his team has given Francesca tremendous awareness in the use of essential oils/plant medicine. The pro's and con's of prematurely harvested plants, the care given by Dr. Young for young plant specimens and the weather conditions, (bricks) prior to harvesting to insure the quality of the oils within the distillation process is in valuable and has given her the foundation needed to promote healing. She performs Treatments, Teaches and Facilitates Training in these areas.

Francesca Vitale began her training in Ancient Hawaiian Shamanic Temple Bodywork as a Shamanic Practitioner in the Kahuna lapa'au, decades ago. She received her certification in the healing applications of the traditional spiritual teachings of Hawaii known as Huna Mua, as well as the traditional lomilomi massage, working with Altered States of Consciousness and Ho'oponopono, from Phil 'Kihonua' Young, RPP founder of "Masterworks International" who was possessed by a Kahuna of the past and the author of "A PROMISE KEPT". She continued advanced studies as a Shamanic Practitioner, specializing in Soul Retrieval, Past Life Tracking, with Anthropologist/Shaman, Hank Wesselman, who was also possessed by a Kahuna of the future and is the author of "SPIRITWALKER". An initiate of the sacred spiritual teachings from the Hawaiian “chief”, Kahuna, Hale Makua.

Francesca Vitale is also a direct descendant of the Etruscan/Italian and Spanish civilization and is of the Spanish Royal Crown. Her intuitive sense has taken her deeper into the mysteries. Her studies include research in Athens, Greece; the Island of Samatraki and Istanbul, Turkey, with the Esoteric quest into the Mysteries of the Gods… "The Nature Spirits and Their healings". She continues her studies with a One “Lord Tammuz, 3rd degree, "High Priest" of the Welsh tradition.

Francesca Vitale Rev. received a Certificate of Ordination from the Sanctuary of the Beloved, Inc., pursuant to Article 8 of the Religious Corporation Law of the State of New York. Ordained by Rev. Daniel Chesbro of the Interfaith Ministry into the priesthood according to the Order of Melchizedek. She is registered in the City of New York ID# 20088, Office of the City Clerk to perform marriages pursuant to Section 11-B of the Domestic Relations Law. She offers her service as clergy in celebration of all marriages.
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